Our philosophy

The greatest challenge the world faces is not global warming itself, rather it is raising children who will have the intellectual and creative capacity to deal with the changes as they occur.

Evidence from neural science research shows that the foundations for this capacity are laid down in the first six years of life.  We believe it is the responsibility of early childhood professionals to work together with families to ensure that the children born today have the ability, imagination and capacity to thrive in the face of all the challenges to come.

The seeds of success are sown in the first six years of life and we need to pay attention NOW!

Our goal

To provide families and educators with a simple to use tool that will help them make the most of developmental opportunities as they arise in the first six years of life, both at home and in children's service settings.

How it began

With over a century of experience in the early years education sector, our group is passionate about raising the status of the early childhood profession in the eyes of the community in general and the education field in particular.

Over the course of many discussions relating to the problems in early childhood care and education services, our group identified an incredible opportunity arising from the neural science research that shows the critical importance of getting the first six years RIGHT.

We were mystified as to why, after a decade of workshops, lectures and representations to government from illustrious academics and researchers from around the world, there had been very little change in the practices in services and a very small rise in awareness of parents and educators alike.

After some analysis we realised that in order to understand the implications of the research there needed to be a broader education of both staff and community about child development in all of its aspects which, in reality, would mean a 4 year university degree course!

In an environment where everyone is increasingly time poor and where it is important to make changes immediately so that we do not have a generation of children who miss out on this important foundation, Critical Years™ Early Achievement System was devised to educate all those who care for children on a 'just in time' basis and in the context of the child's culture and context whether at home or in a professional early childhood setting.

Our people

Jennifer Lamont
CEO & Co Founder

    * Master Education Studies (Early Childhood Education)
    * Bachelor Education Studies (Adult Education & Training)
    * Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
    * Cert IV Workplace Training

Working for over 35 years in the early childhood care and education sector in Australia and the Pacific, Jenny has also raised 3 children and is now a proud grandparent.  She brings a unique set of academic knowledge, practical skills and breadth of experience to the Company, together with a passion for helping all those who care for children make the most of the early years.

Nicole Pollock
Co Founder

    * Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
    * Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
    * Diploma in Children's Services (Centre Based Care)
    * Certificate in Community Management
    * Associate Diploma (Social Sciences) Child Care

Nicole has worked in both the aged care and early childhood sectors for the past 20 years. Currently combining her career and the raising of 2 beautiful boys, she is keen to share her knowledge and experience in providing high quality family-centred environments for young children with all those who are concerned with giving children the very best start in life.

Grant Henderson
Chief Technical Officer

    * Bachelor of Information Technology (Majors in Law and Information Technology)

As well as masterminding the system to put all of this complex information together, Grant is the Founder and CEO of a revolutionary new way to manage passwords in this technological age called Kripkey. He brings to our Company not only outstanding technical ability ,but a well designed high level security standard to ensure that records are well protected.

Anne Armstrong
Senior Consultant

    * Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

Anne brings a broad depth and breadth of experience in many aspects of early childhood care and education. Owning her own service, managing large  long day care centres, teaching in TAFE and for a private training provider, her interactions with parents and service staff alike have provided her with a clear understanding of the challenges facing all who are concerned with the care and nurture of young children.

Dale Solly
Senior Consultant

    * Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
    * Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
    * Cert IV Mortgage & Finance
    * Cert Mentoring in the Workplace

In addition to having worked extensively in early childhood environments in Australia, Dale spent 2 years in Malaysia teaching English and Physical Education as part of the Volunteer Abroad Program. Her Australian experience includes owning and developing a large childcare service on the South Coast NSW, working in corporate, local government and community based services. Her expertise in the practical implementation of quality principles and legislated requirements in these widely ranging environments, has given her a deep understanding of business management realities in early childhood settings.

Our Invitation to You